About Me

Name: Bear & Stevie
Hometown: Bellevue, Nebraska...now Poudre Park, Colorado
Hobbies: fishin', huntin', critters, birdwatchin', cachin', Huskers
Music: Classic rock 'n roll
Feels like a 2nd home: Gould & Buffalo Chip Campground

Stevie here, and you all know me.  Me WebTV died, so I'm a gettin' more techy.  Still livin' in Poudre Canyon along the banks of the federally designated Wild & Scenic Poudre River.  Ain't got no drinkin' water & still poop in an outhouse.  Life's incredibly simple up here.  Does snow a lot & get cold, but a fireplace & plenty of firewood cures those ills real quick.  Stop up anytime & enjoy the deck & outhouse & river out back.  Do be careful of the black bears & mountain lions...we've had both in our yard.