August has been a hoot...

August has really been fun for Bear and I up here.  We're both healthy, spending a lot of time out back along the river, black bears are on the move, and enjoyed watching friend Ray Lucci paint our Gabby mural out back...



(click on the final photo and see if you can find Dolly the doe and her twins, Chippy the chipmunk, Kenny the kingfisher, two bighorn rams, Rufie the hummer, Dippy the dipper, and Blackie the bear cub)


(click on pics to enlarge)

Wild stuff friends have sent us...

Wesley, from Tennessee, sent us this pic of him holding one of his

insect buddies...

Bear and I took this pic of Dolly across the river with a severe tick infestation.  We thought it might be mange.  DOW said she'd be alright as colder

weather approaches...

Nebraskan Mikey took this pic of a male broad-tailed hummer from

our river deck...

Poudre Park Jan took this pic of a black bear last week...

Bear and I took this pic of a hunk of a beetle.  Dr. Dave Leatherman told us it's a ponderous borer and the largest beetle in Colorado.  It was crawling across our living room carpet, and I thought at first it was a mouse. We took him out back, took this pic, and turned him loose...


Bear and I go elk hunting next month.  Once again, as we've done for years, we'll drive over Cameron Pass.  Then a short ways west to the Powderhorn Cabins and meet back up with Dick and Naomi and Courtney and Al.


We'll be joined by grandson Cameron, Pistol Pete from New York, son Josh, Coloradoan Woody Stevie, and son Tim.


Cameron Pass was named after a feller in the 1870's who founded the Fort Collins Agricultural Colony and played a vital role in the settlements within the Poudre Valley.  This feller discovered a pass through the Medicine Bow Mountains to reach North Park.


Yes, my grandson was named

after Cameron Pass.


Who was this feller?




***The critter Ray and I saw up at Mishawaka was a rock squirrel.***


We congratulate Poudre Park BOB,   woodworkin' LOU, Poudre Canyon EDIE, LYNNE and ROSS!