We really enjoy the month of April.  Finding Easter eggs and making Easter baskets and dropping them off at family and friends' homes.  But, Arbor Day has always been special to me.  Back in the day, we'd often go to Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City...a short drive south from where I grew up.  My favorite Proverb is "The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.  The second best time is now."  Our hummers ought to arrive back up here within a couple weeks...fun stuff!


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Wild stuff friends have sent us...

Driver Tim took this photo of snow geese migrating northward as he was driving across Nebraska.  All that white at the bottom are geese not snow...

Photographer Poudre Canyon Edie took this photo of arriving mergies in the lower canyon March 14th...

Tennessee Mimi sent us this photo of an albino deer near Nolensville outside of Nashville...

DeeDee took this photo of a storm in Kansas from Driver Tim's Peterbilt...


Bear and I learned the Arbor Lodge built in Nebraska City on the site of Arbor Lodge State Historical Park was built by J. Sterling Morton...an American politician, born in 1832, was U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and founder of Arbor Day, he was an ardent proponent of forestation, and settled in the Nebraska Territory in 1854.  The Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City was built as a replica of a famous mansion in Washington D. C.


What Washington D. C. famous mansion is an Arbor Lodge replica?



Bear and I got an exciting employment offer last month from Dick Clark...owner of The Powderhorn Cabins up at Gould just over Cameron Pass.  Dick hired me in 1974 to teach 3rd grade at Putnam Elementary School.  I taught for him until he retired up to The Powderhorn Cabins.


Dick called and said he wanted to add nature trails with an emphasis on birds to enhance his cabin renters stay...nest boxes, bird feeders, bird identification fieldtrips and the like.  He knew all about my Cherokee Park Bluebird Trail and my banding 10,000 birds.  He's offered me a summer job to develop these nature trails.  He will provide Bear and I a bed in the lodge, three meals a day, and a monthly check of $1100.


Bear and I figure we can easily rent out our cabin up here in Poudre Park as a summer vacation get-away along the Poudre River.  Dick said if this works out, he'd consider a year-round employment to lead bird watching field trips at 9,000 feet in elevation.  Bear and I are considering possibly selling our place and spend the rest of our retirement up at Gould...we'll keep you posted on this exciting possibility.  Afterall, got my ankle and both knees replaced so have a major hitch in me giddy-up to do this.

Ty and I, along with his parents, heading out in the woods looking for great horned owls recently.  I taught Ty in my science class when he was 12 years old.  He's now 38 and doing great.

Ty and his wonderful family on a very windy and chilly day.  We thank Kathy and Steve for allowing us to trespass on their forested land...



***Saint Patrick died on March 17th.***


We congratulate Kaintuck DICK, Poudre Park DONNA MARIE, birder BILLY, Kansan MARSHA, Centennial Colorado DONNA, and Poudre Canyon EDIE!

Bear and I took this photo of a pygmy nuthatch in our yard recently.  We've seen two together...hopefully a male and female.  Hard to tell, no sexual dichromatism in this species...they both look alike.  We've never had pygmy nuthatches nest in our yard up here in 30+ years. 


Bear & Critters & ol' Stevie


PS:  We're never leaving our Poudre Park paradise for Gould or any other place.  Dick never called...happy April's Fools Day!