Bear and I are doing fine.  We sit out back along the river a lot.  We'll have a quiet evening up here together on the 4th.  We had an Indigo/Lazuli bunting hybrid stop by.  First hybrid photo

we've ever taken...fun stuff.

One last thing, if you stop by and we're not here, feel free to sit out by the river but don't sit on the deck.  River's high and picking up downed trees.  If they hit our deck pilings it might collapse, and you might wind up in the Gulf of Mexico.  Thanks...




(click on pics to enlarge)

Wild stuff friends have sent us...

NJ Len sent us this photo of

robin nestlings...

Fort Collins Mary and Dale sent us this photo of a fawn that was born in their yard.  Neighbor Phil took this pic...

TN Mimi sent us this photo of Bear's cousin Bandit...

Son Tim sent us this photo of a cow elk on his mountain land...

Fort Collins Ray sent us this photo of his latest colorful painting of a critter...

Bear and I took this photo of a couple Lewis's woodpeckers at our




And, speaking of July 4th and our Constitution and our forefathers, Benjamin Franklin proposed a particular bird to be our national bird.  But, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson proposed the bald eagle which trumped

Benny's nomination.


What bird did Benjamin Franklin

suggest should be our

national bird?





Son Josh gave us a wonderful Father's Day gift last month.  He and some of his painters (Jorge, Andres, Astro) power washed, primed, and painted our house and stained our river deck.  They did a fantastic job...

Bear and I also thank Grant, Mariah, and Mikey of the Platte Basin Timelapse project, based out of Lincoln, for setting up a satellite timelapse camera on our deck to monitor river flows of the only federally designated Wild and Scenic River in the Platte river basin...



Memorial Day was first established to honor those who died in

the Civil War.


We congratulate Poudre Park CHARLIE, Kansan MARSHA, Tennessee MIMI, and Poudre Canyon EDIE!





Hoping you have a wonderful July!

Bear, Critters, & Steve