Bear and I are doing okey-dokey up here in paradise.  Bear continues to be spoiled and continues to think he's the cutest crew member on Spaceship Earth.  We welcome new neighbors Timi, Dave, and Jessie (their puppy).  My cataract surgery is later this month.  Had my 1st ever urology appointment, and it went well...certainly took the romance out of life.  We thank son Josh who will take me down and bring me back after the eye surgery.


We really love the month of May: Memorial Day, Mothers Day, Star Wars Day, longer days of daylight/warmth, asparagus popping up (25 so far in our yard), and all the migrant bird arrivals!




(click on pics to enlarge)

Wild stuff friends have sent us...

Lower Poudre Canyon Edie took this pic of a wild turkey in her yard...

Poudre Park Linda sent us this pic of a white tree squirrel her friend in MN took in her yard...

Our friend, Will the Park Ranger, took this pic of a male western tanager...

Son Tim took this pic of a buck pronghorn antelope on his

mountain land...

Bear and I took this photo of a male

broad-tailed hummingbird on our porch April 10th during a blizzard...our first hummer of the year.


When it comes to fishing lines, if you SNAG it and BREAK it then be sure to RETRIEVE it.


Bear and I took these pics of son Tim across the river out back on a blowdown pondo taking Kenny the kingfisher down after he got tangled up and hung himself in an abandoned tangled fishing line and tackle last month.  We thank Deedee and Jan and Carl and Tim for the group effort. Please pass this on to your

friends that fish...



And, speaking of Star Wars, Bear and I learned something new.  It has a day named after the movie series.


Why is the 4th of May called Star Wars Day?  Bear and I had no idea.




Sunday May 5th

6:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.



*10 km & 5 km*

If you're planning to come up Poudre Canyon Sunday at normal speeds, come early or come after noon.  If you don't mind driving slowly, the Poudre Canyon road will be open during the races.


We thank Lou Nagy for the fun-filled March Madness basketball pool...lil' Bear's bracket beat my bracket.  Believe me, Bear's on a short leash.




'Graupel' (snow pellets) is a German derivative meaning 'pearl barley'.


We congratulate woodworkin' LOU, Tennessee MIMI, Kaintuck DICK, Poudre Canyon EDIE, Poudre Park BOB, PVH Lynne & Ross!


We took this pic of a chilly and wet Gabby, our local GBH, out back on the rainy day he arrived this year...the 22nd of April.  This is the 5th year in a row we've had him out back.  What was a first for Gabby and Bear and I was the 22nd was Earth Day.


Enjoy a colorful May, thanks.

Bear, Critters, and Steve